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Zero Card Fees is on a mission to provide you with a Zero Fee Processing solution. Whichever way you want to accept or offer payments we have a multitude of options.  Credit Card Processing, Virtual Terminals, Online Gateways,  ATM Processing, Point-of-Sale Banking...it's all ZERO FEE.  Solution for all Merchant Types HERE.

  • Accept All Major Cards
  • Virtual or Online
  • Mobile
  • In-Store
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Overview Image

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Integrate  ZERO FEE Processing to accept major credit cards and process payments online, in-store, through a virtual terminal, or on mobile without the fees. Offer free payment options such as cash, check, or debit card, then offer credit card acceptance as a convenience payment option with a surcharge to offset your processing cost. It's your turn to win and save thousands with one simple switch.

    What's the RATE you ask?



    We'll work to eliminate them completely by analyzing your current processing or the volume of potential processing revenue and creating a plan that will offset these fees.  We'll recommend a rate that will override any fees and eliminate it by setting the convenience surcharge fee slightly above the processors fees.  Proprietary software will add the convenience fee automatically to the transcation & payment terminal of choice, making the customer experience smooth and seamless.

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      With Zero Card Fees Processing your business has the best solution to accept credit cards online, onsite, or on-the-go with little to no fees.