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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  Zero Fee Processing is a processing program that allows business owners to pass through credit card processing fees with a maximum cap of 4%.  The Durbin Amendment within the Frank-Dodd Act along with a federal court judgement has stated that business owners have the right to pass on processing fees to their customers as a surcharge.  These 10 states are not allowed to surcharge; Texas, Florida, New York, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Kansas, Oklahoma, Connecticut, & Colorado.  If you are in one of those 10 banned states then we you can utilize or “Cash Discount” program which also results in Zero Fee Processing.
It’s a valid concern that your customers may not like the fact that they may pay a higher price.  But from our analysis and feedback from current merchants there is only a 0.3% complaint ratio.  That’s maybe 1 out of every 330 customers.  The risk is limited compared to the thousands of dollars in fees you’ll save immediately. Besides, they have the option to pay in cash to avoid the fee.
The process is simple.  One of our agents can walk you through filling out a digital merchant application in less than 10 minutes.  We’ll advise you on the best equipment according to your type of business and how you accept payments.  Once that is complete we will walk you through the rate that will be collected from customers for credit card payments in order to offset your fees completely or almost completely.  There are certain businesses that we can not accept and your business must process a minimum of $5,000 per month in order to qualify.  Otherwise we can get to started and eliminating your credit card processing fees in as little as 72 hours.

Major processors will always charge an interchange fee to transfer money from bank to bank.  So there is always a fee.  But with ReversePAY we customize a plan that will offset these fees.  To accomplish this we will adjust the rate fees collected that will override interchange fees, debit fees, statement fees, access fees, and equipment cost eliminating the majority of your processing cost, if not all of it. *Disclaimer: Not all businesses will result in complete Zero Fees, that will depend on your processing volume & customer demographics. Most businesses see an average of a 92% cost reduction. We do have a “Zero FEE Guarantee Program” for certain businesses that meet a certain criteria. Please contact us to find out more.

Most businesses except full eCommerce businesses can apply for this program.  The approval process is just like standard processing.  Contact us directly if you’re unsure that your business will qualify. 
You can get approved within 48hrs.  Once we submit all the needed formal business information for your account we can have you up and running in 5 business days.  If you require a more complex setup such as POS systems, Virtual Terminals, or Wireless it will require additional turn-around-time.
Yes.  You will receive a bill as usual.  The only difference it that the fees collected to offset your processing cost will have already been collected and deposited to help offset processing fees.  It’s like we’re handing you money to pay your bill before your bill is even due.
We provide a variety of no cost solutions.  Our sister company, Cash Tech ATM, offers free ATM processing and Point-of-Banking (Cashless ATM) which is no cost to you.  We also offer Merchant Cash Advance for easy business loans without the hassles.
No problem!  If you feel the Zero Fee Program does not work for your business we can easily switch you back to regular credit card processing.  We’ll even beat your past rate from your old processor.
We pride ourselves on first class support.  Regardless of what the issue is we are here to give you expert advise and resolve any issues.  You will talk directly with a person and not an automated machine.